Friday, August 14, 2009

May I please go home now?

I'm done here. I am homesick and physically sick and I just want my mom. Lol... But seriously, I do want to go back home. To my family. To familiarity. To dry heat. To a back yard to toss the dog in when she's got the shoots. Yeah. Urgh.

Okay, I'll quit moaning - time to get back to what I was doing earlier - lying on the couch, holding my aching gut, watching Spongebob, and feeling sorry for myself. Oooh - maybe I'll cry a little.....


  1. awww, I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. We have had a pretty nice summer- but you are right, it has been pretty brutal recently. (And our AC is still being "fritzy")
    Are you in the bigger apartment now?
    Did you find the missing dolls?

  2. Oh, sorry, I didn't check my blog sooner. Sure I have ideas!!!
    Tomorrow- Great Country Farm Peach festival
    18780 Foggy Bottom Road
    Bluemont, Virginia 20135
    $10.00 person - dogs welcome

    August 23
    Dog scouts picnic in Annapolis
    (if you are interested I will get you the details)

    August 29
    Keepstone Farm (dog days)
    412 Russell Road
    Berryville, VA

  3. Thanks! I'll check 'em out....