Saturday, August 22, 2009

Virginia VS. Idaho

Just a few thoughts ~

Idaho has mountains.
Virginia has hills.

Idaho has wide open spaces.
Virginia is covered in trees.

Idaho has fry sauce. (yummm)
Virginia has peanut soup. (also yummm)

Idaho has tons of wildlife that you rarely see.
Virginia has deer on every roadside - and some critters I think are groundhogs? And wild bunnies on the lawn.

Idaho is so dry you wither.
Virginia is so humid you mildew.

Virginia has history and artifacts and great shopping.
Idaho has my family and friends.

I really like Virginia... but I really, really miss Idaho.


  1. Hi Anne - welcome to Virginia! It's truly a beautiful state! Thanks for the nice comments you left on my blog - I like how you described my (our) picture taking style as "that'd-make-a-cool-weird-shot" (my kids usually think I'm nuts when I pull over and grab my camera).

    Anyway, I've never been to Idaho. Virginia has so many birds and flowers... all kinds of wildlife - including horses! The deer are particularly prolific, and yes, we have a gazillion bunnies and groundhogs too ;). Nothing prepared me for the brown bear that I saw in my driveway one morning... that was a real shocker. He hung around for a couple of weeks in the fall and we haven't seen him again since, thankfully. I'm sure you've seen your share of bears in Idaho, but he was my first - hope he was my last too! What part of Northern VA are you located in?

    So welcome to VA!
    Don't be a stranger!

  2. Hi Ann,
    Welcome to VA! I love in Hampton Roads so we see more blue crabs and seagulls than deer here. Also, there are no hills, just flat coastline. Lots and lots of water though. I was born and raised here and have never lived anywhere else. Hubs is interviewing for a new job though, and we may be moving to MD in a couple of months. That will be a new experience for me! Maybe I'll have my own moronic movers to deal with.
    I'm sorry you are missing Idaho, but I hope you'll come to love VA.
    Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself. I love meeting fellow homeschoolers and moms :D