Monday, August 24, 2009

Leaving Idaho ~ Virginia, here we come. PREPARATIONS

First, I thought I'd start with some of the stupidity of my "professional" packers.... (I guess "professional" means "morons".... I didn't know that.) Here, you see some hangers. Left behind. I guess the guy was just like "hey, I already packed a bunch, they don't need these." Is that their call??

Then there is the key to our antique mantle clock. I mean, who needs to wind this? Maybe it's just for decoration.

The dish drainer. Guess they figured I wouldn't be washing any dishes in our new home.
(I actually told them to leave the phone, I was giving it to my dad since we aren't getting a land-line here, for now.)
Or, the bathroom trash can they left on top of the fireplace mantle. Yeah, I know, why didn't I say something? I don't know... at this point, my brain had sort of checked out.

There's more, but I am tired of thinking about those idiots.

Here they are, loading the truck. Good thing they pulled it all out to the curb first, since soon after this pic it began to rain..... like I said - morons. You can't imagine the unbelievable manner in which I have been finding stuff as I've unloaded!

Alright, so then the fun began.... me packing the car for a 5 day road trip. This is Kiwi's spot...
The cat is crated up. Oh, yeah, he just loooved this trip. The dog crate is folded up and under everything else. This made unpacking each night for the hotel a joy. Oh, life is full of fun!

And here is our car, 'full-up", ready to hit the road ~ the ramp is for the dog; since her knee surgery, she's not allowed to jump up into the car, so we had to put this up for her each and every stop... again, JOY. Now, if only I had a fifi dog or something that I could just pick up, instead of a 95 pounder.... Lol.


  1. Hahahahaha... you should have heard me laughing out loud as I looked at each photo of items your movers forgot to pack. I totally understand... we've had some really dumb movers over the years! I'll never forget the guy who packed the toilet paper rolls, right off the bathroom wall (I guess moving means the bathroom shuts down). Then there was the guy that put crystal stemware under at the bottom of a box and all the canned veggies at the top of the box. Sadly, the stemware didn't survive! But my favorite was probably the guy who used clear packing tape to hold all the dresser drawers closed. After being in storage for 6 weeks, the adhesive on the tape started to melt and ooze... what a mess all over the furniture.

    They're not so good on the other end either... like the guy who wasn't the least bit concerned about 2 packed boxes that were missing from his inventory list... "Ma'am... you don't really want me to look for them do you?... They're probably here somewhere..." Oh please... give me a break!

    As for the visitor counter... I posted one on my blog. I did a google search for it and "cut and pasted" the code for it in my sidebar.

  2. Hi Ann,
    I saw your comment on my blog about goats and checked out your blog, you're a great writer!
    I feel so sorry that you're homesick. I'm in Southern Virginia, and things are even more different here. Maybe when you hook up with like minded homeschoolers, you'll feel happier.
    Best wishes for your timein VA,

  3. Hi Ann,

    I saw your comment over @ ButterYum regarding a stat counter and I thought I would share the link for the one I am using. I'm sure there are lots of different sites that provide blog statistics but this happened to be the first one I came across when I started my blog.

    The free version of this counter gives you stats on 500 visits. After you get 500, it will still keep counting...the older ones just fall off but it will still give you an idea of how many people are visiting your blog daily, how they found you (what link they came from), how many times they have visited your blog, what city/state/country they are from etc. I was so excited when I first realized I had visitors from other countries! Too cool! Another eye-opening discovery from this was how few people take the time to comment in relation to the much larger number of people who actually stop by.

    Just be sure you follow the instructions to block your own computer's IP address so that it doesn't count you in the stats every time you visit your own blog!

  4. Wow, you brought back a flood of bad memories of our last move with your post! 2 of my "favorites" from our move were: the sugar bowl (from the kitchen counter) in with the bath towels (not emptied- well, not until it spilled all over the towels), and the lone shoe found under one of the beds- that did not get packed at all- they figured if it was under the bed we must not want it, right?
    The best part was that I was 8 months pregnant with 3 small children at the time.
    I hope you and little Kiwi are feeling less homesick. Let me know if you are still looking for "outing" ideas.

  5. Guess I'm not the only one who's had to deal with Moron Movers!