Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Big Move - South Dakota Tuesday (June 16th, 2009)

On this day we left Montana behind, crossed a corner of Wyoming, and entered South Dakota. We were now in territory I'd never visited before. Which, I need to talk to my parents about. Because, Mt. Rushmore is pretty dang close to Montana, yet we never, ever visted it. Seriously, mom and dad?? What were you thinking??!! My poor, deprived childhood.

Anyway, the hills are rolling, bare, and beautiful. Native Americans still live here (but I'm guessing not in the teepees we saw). Actually, we crossed the Reservation, and they are generally sad looking areas. I always feel bad about history when I see that.

We saw a cool old graveyard

The endless highway

On which we saw far too much of this sort of thing:

Somewhere in South Dakota ~

The whole reason for coming here!! (not
really.....) This was, shall we say, somewhat of a disappointment after all the advertising. Think,
JimBob decided he'd have hisself a nice little ol' theme park....

But, hey, isn't that what the Great American Experience is all about?

Tomorrow, Mt. Rushmore...... (altho it might not really be tomorrow... my M.I.L. is flying in from Seattle tonight, so who knows what I'll be doing the next couple days!)
Okay, I tried like 1000 times to get this post right - pictures and text in proper order - but noooooo!!! How DO you get the pictures to be where you want them???


  1. Hi Ann,
    Great to hear from you!!! I find my hubby has mellowed a great deal over the years. He would not have 'appreciated' the sweetness over years ago. We've been married 39 years and have had pets 31 1/2 of those years. I will say of the two cats who have owned us Madi has been the most challenging.Toto, our mini dachshund, wins an award for the MOST CHALLENGING....if you read back on my blog most Monday's I post a Dachshund Chroinicle about life with a Mighty dachshund.
    I'm really enjoying your posts. I've never been to Montana or Idaho. My husband's cousin lives in Moscow. Her hubby is prof. at the univeristy.
    Take care and stay in touch. Madi and Mom

  2. Hi Ann,
    I'm not too far from you, we're in Hill City near Rushmore! I feel your pain! No Huckleberry anything once you leave Montana! And to fight the blues of blogger, my husband has found:
    Microsoft Windows Live Writer!!
    It is like day and night, pictures and text get posted perfectly! Give it a try! We're working with an aircard and know too well how difficult it is to post while traveling. But it works wonders!!
    Our blog is:
    Enjoy your trip to Virginia!!

  3. Hi Ann,
    I do a lot of cut and paste. I put the pictures up first. Then I start typing at the bottom and as I decide where I want what, I move the picture by cutting and pasting to below my paragraph and so on. (I might try Kathy's husband way!) I live on Huckleberry Hill but I've never heard of Wild Huckleberry yogurt or eaten a huckleberry. Come on over to Huckleberry Hill.