Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day Trip to Mt. Vernon ~ home of George Washington!

So, here we are! It took about, oh, I think 45 minutes to an hour to get here.... I was in the backseat with Kiwi, we weren't really paying attention! It was a hot day, and a little humid - I thought it was actually pretty decent... of course, all the buildings, even his mansion, are air conditioned.

The Father of our Country. When watching the film inside the first building, it made me tear up a little - thinking of what our forebears fought for, and we seem to be letting slip away... sometimes I feel like some of todays citizens are ruining my Wonderful country..... but, back to Mt. Vernon ~

It was a gorgeous think, he had like 8,000 acres on his plantation!

The happy little family

A cool model of the house - walls raise and lower to show different sections and rooms

As seen from the far side of the "Bowling Green"
I love covered passageways! Do you see the Potomac in the distance?

View from the "front" side - that tree is in the film "National Treasure II"
The lovely patio - it was shady and cool(ish) here
The Potomac looks really lovely from here; but actually it's pretty cruddy - you wouldn't want to swim in there!
I don't think this needs any more explanation!

Hey!! My whole family could go at once!! Yay!

We didn't have nearly enough time here. Wait... I didn't mean here. In the neccessary... I meant, here at Mt. Vernon!! Lol. We didn't get to see the gardens, or the outbuildings, and we barely got to look around the gift shop (which seems to have some pretty great stuff!) The up-side is, we live here, so we can go back! Besides, we have to eat in the Mt. Vernon Inn, because they dress in Colonial garb plus they have Peanut and Chestnut soup! Yummmm....
Well, that was our Saturday!

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  1. We visited Mt Vernon last March & I loved it (even though it was a tad cold :-P) We couldn't get reservations at the Inn, since it was Easter Sunday, so of course now we'll have to go back
    :-D (not so easy from the West Coast, but it will be done!)