Monday, June 29, 2009

Drinking wine out of a water glass

It's wrong, but I did it. Because I really, really needed to relax a little!! And no, I didn't FILL the glass! Thought about it..... Living in this tiny apartment is killer. It's like still being in a hotel room, but you have to do dishes and laundry. Speaking of laundry - that's what caused my "drinking problem". See, we have this laundry room - uh, laundry closet - and we put the dog's foldup crate in there.... well, I was washing clothes, the only nice stuff we have, because we were meeting Scooter's cousin for dinner... well, when I closed the door, the crate fell over, and there was no way to re-open that door! So I had a little melt-down moment.... then I used my head, hooked the dog leash to the crate, put it over the door, and pulled that sucker back into place. (I have a huge row of bruises up my arm where I had to cram it in the crack of the door.)

Now they want to take Scooter's company truck away (a company-wide decision) but that was one of the 'deal makers' in him accepting this job... no way we can afford to buy a car (and pay the gas).... dear Lord, if this means we have to stay in this apartment and not upgrade to the 2-bedroom!! Geez, I was bummed enough that we have to be in an apartment at all, but at least we could survive in the bigger one....sigh. I'm not sure I get this move at all....... trying not to panic...... 'cause next time, that water glass will be full!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We really ARE there!

Virginia!! Wow, here we are. It is so beautiful here... and so far, the weather hasn't been horrible. I mean, humidity-wise. The trip was - loooooooong. As in over 2,600 miles long! We went through 13 states! The dog didn't mind, but can't say that about the cat, lol. What worked was tranquilizing him then letting him loose in the car.... he hunkered down beside the car door and back seat where my daughter was sitting, and then he was content - enough. It's interesting living in a tiny one bedroom apartment. Not nice - but interesting. Ha. It's been forever since I've lived in an apartment complex; it's really weird. Kiwi isn't doing well with the move - she's cranky, irritable, grumpy.... and just wants to "go home". sigh. It's hard being a mom, when the world is hard and you just can't fix it. When we get moved to the "big" apt. (still, half the size of the house we left behind) I will get my computer set up, then I'll have lots of pics to share with you!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And off I goooooooo......

Off my rocker, mostly. Someone - I suppose the packing guy - is gonna walk in here tomorrow and find me balled up in a corner, sobbing and gently rocking back and forth..... back and forth... back and forth...ah, that sounds so peaceful, so nice.....

It's seriously that bad. Today when Scooter called, all I could do was cry into the phone. Ridiculous. Saturday afternoon was Kiwi's birthday party, and I spent the morning alternately yelling, then crying...sobbing, really. Now, I've moved a lot. You'd think I could deal with it. I usually do. Not this time. I'm not sure why, I guess because I'm having to do it all alone, as a "single mom", and really, I think it's finally hit me that I am moving 2,500 miles away from my family and friends. And I really don't like that.

So, I thought I'd post one last time before the men in the white coats come to take me away....

Okay, it's really because after tomorrow this computer will be packed up, and I really haven't got a clue when I will be back online.... so, if you think about us, pray for our trip and our move and my sanity.... oh, and that Kiwi finds her Nintendo DS.... needed for the trip, but missing-in-action as of this moment.

I will check back in....later!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

How NOT to move (unless, you are crazy like me!)

At least there is one family member who is blissfully happy and unaware of the crap going on around them......

First, agreeing to move - at all - is a step toward insanity. Trust me on this. In our married life, we have moved....uhm, wait, I'm counting..... I think this will be #13. Yeah. Seriously. The dude isn't even in the military!! (that doesn't even count a few stints of staying with parents in between settling someplace else...because, we didn't have to unpack there) What is that all about??! I don't know, and it's my life! I have to tell you, however, that this is the worst yet. I think because it's been sooo long in coming, and because Scooter and I have been apart for 6 months now, and worst of all - he's gotten off scott-free while I'm here going nutsy!! Yeah. That is so not right. To hear him, it's all "yeah, but you'll be done soon, and I have to work for 20 more years before I can retire" yada yada yada....whatever!! But I still have to be here packing and cleaning the garage out and making the arrangements and dealing with the kid and the pets (and the pet surgery) and ...and.... and.... well, okay, at least I don't have to work 20 more years before I retire. He's got a point. I sleep in. I like sleeping in.

The next insane thing to do is to say "yes, of course you can" when your daughter asks you if she can have her birthday party early, as in, here and now, because after all, she won't have any friends in the new town in a couple months when it's really her birthday.... because, heaven forbid she miss out on anything in this life. What were you thinking??? Right, you weren't. Typical. So, it will be 1am and you will be baking a stinkin' cake, and sewing the finishing touches on the poodle skirt (oh, because it has to be themed, of course, this time a 50's party...) because earlier today, when you should have been baking, you took her to a friend's house to go swimming, because, heaven forbid she miss out on anything in this life.... do you sense a theme?? Girl, you need to put your foot down!! She won't be permanantly scarred if you say "no"! Right? Because she still wants one last sleepover.... OH for sanity sake, say no!!
Here's the skirt - and I cheated and used cake mix (geez, they're just kids!) - and that is seriously pink... she wanted it to match her "theme", lol


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Must be the stress???

Alright, so my legs are driving me absolutely mad!! They are all itchy and tingly, like bugs are crawling on them or something.... I could barely sleep last night! Today, I was absentmindedly scratching, and I scratched so long and hard that I have a big ol' bruise on my leg now! It's horrible! What could be causing this?? Looks like a double Exc*drin PM night for me!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The way it stands...... that my garage is horrid, and I gotta get to it. Or, through it. Past it?? Beyond it?? Anyhooo..... yeah. I was supposed to start today, but what with taking the cat to the vet, and going to the bank (not just for regular banking, but to get my signature notarized so I can get a new title for my husband's motorcycle which we want to sell but of course he has no recollection of where he put that thing) then of course, the DMV... which, I have to say, is one of those things I appreciate about Idaho. It took me about 10 minutes... maybe 15. When I lived in California, this would've been at least an hour+ job. Another thing I appreciate, and will miss, is our trash service. I mean, we have 1 can, but if we have more stuff, you can put it out there, in a bag, a box, whatever....even an old piece of furniture if it's small, and they'll take it. Totally cool about it. My DH told me today that in Virginia, if you have anything that doesn't fit in your trashcan, even a small bag, they'll charge you $5.oo extra to take it. Per bag. Geez. I'm thinking I am gonna be sorry for all the times I've groaned about living in Spudville.

The good news is that the cat doesn't have the disease the rescue center's vet told us he had! Which is great. I kind of wondered about it, since she just arbitrarily told us that was his problem, without any kind of test. I didn't worry about it, because we don't have any other cats he could have spread it to, and he's an indoor cat, but still, it's good to know he's a totally healthy little guy. Very little! He only weighs 9 lbs. Runt of the litter, I guess! Boy, was he unhappy about the trip. Didn't like the vet's office at all!

The dog - she's doing great. Still limping, but leg getting stronger every day.

Tomorrow is the last day of school, even though last Thursday was actually the last day of school. Confused much?? Okay, last week was final tests and all, and tomorrow is just desk-cleaning and assembly and then a picnic. So, a fun day!

This week is going to be a bit hectic - too much to do, too little time. D-day for the move is coming up fast!