Monday, July 27, 2009

How NOT to move; part 2


Do not move into a place much, much smaller than your last home....this necessitates cramming all your belongings into a storage unit, which you will be forced to visit time and time again, trying - often unsuccessfully - to find stuff. This will make you crabby. Okay, totally pissed off. Angry at the packers for not understanding the importance of properly marking the contents of boxes. Angry at yourself for not doing it yourself in the first place because then the boxes would be properly marked. Also, if it's Virginia in the summer, this will make you very, very hot. And disgustingly sweaty.

I swear we have opened and looked thru every box marked "girl's room" and as of yet there are no signs of Kiwi's beloved (and crazy expensive) babydolls. By the time we find them, she'll be dating and not even interested in dolls anymore! Criminy.

So here's a suggestion: Sell everything you own - furniture, dishes, clothes - the whole 9 yards. Keep what you can pack in say, oh, 10 boxes. You'll be able to find what you packed, and instead of the headache of hunting for stuff, you'll have the joy of shopping. That'd be win-win!!

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  1. On behalf of all Virginia I would like to apologize for the weather. It has been most inhospitable.-
    (So much for southern hospitality.)
    We have spent the last two days with no AC, so I can commiserate with your "disgustingly sweaty" description- and then some.