Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The move begins ~ Montana Monday (June 15th, 2009)

Look at that sky ~ talk about blue....!!

So, on Monday the 15th of June we left Idaho (crying as we pulled away from my parents' home) and headed for our first hotel stop in Billings, Montana. This is all familiar territory, as my maternal grandmother lived in Billings, and we visited nearly every summer, from California where we lived, by way of Yellowstone National Park. I love Yellowstone! One of my 'happy places'! I wish we'd been able to spend some time in the park, but this trip was really more about "getting there" than about the trip - bummer. I love Montana - to me, this is how the west should look. Big Sky Country and all that. The Gallatin Valley is amazingly beautiful.

It was probably the worst day as far as how we were feeling... Kiwi and I were pretty devastated about leaving our family and friends, and I think it finally hit us full force this day. We were cranky and nasty to one another until Scooter actually told us to "Shut UP!! Both of you!!" (You have to understand, we just don't speak to one another in this way! It was just, really, that out of hand.) :( So I sat in the silence and enjoyed the view. Sheesh.
(please keep in mind that these pictures were taken out of the car doing about 75mph... cut me some slack!)

The town of West Yellowstone

A very Montana kind of hotel - see the bears?


  1. Wow! Sounds like a big move. Good luck and can't wait to see everyone settled in and happy once you get there.

  2. Hi Ann and welcome to the east coast. We're in NC. I just found your blog on Dog Daze. We will be back tomorrow to catch up. Your opening picture is GORGEOUS. Great bunch of people here.
    Madi and Mom