Saturday, March 28, 2009

Doggie Girl Surgery Update

Okay, so there are pain meds for dogs, and she's on them... actually morphine and, uh, I don't remember, Remadyl or something? Anyway, she's still moaning like she's simply dying..... however, when I called the vet today (for like, the 5th time since we've picked her up!) the vet said the pain meds are pretty strong so she's probably more likely feeling sick and miserable because of the meds. Niiiiice. It sucks that dogs can't tell you how they're feeling! My husband reminded me how crappy he felt after his own knee surgery (and he had to add that I seem to be much more caring and sympathetic for the dog, lol!!) Well, she's so much sweeter!! When I told the vet that Merry still won't eat a thing, (and this is the hog-dog extraordinaire) she first said "yeah, that is weird for a Golden Ret./Lab mix" and then started to say something else when my cell went dead.... I plugged it in and called her right back, and she was like "Oh, good! I thought I'd offended you, because I was looking at her chart and was saying how her missing a few meals wouldn't hurt her!" Lol. I'd had the exact same thought this morning when her breakfast was untouched!

Here is something cute, though.... when we left the house today, we had to crate her, and I guess the cat is feeling very sympathetic!

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  1. So cute that Matt the Cat is keeping Merry company. The one good thing about the misery after knee surgery in people is you do feel a little better each day. Can't be too different for dogs. I'm glad to know they gave her pain meds. She's probably more uncomfortable than in pain.
    But I sympathize because it is hard to watch when they can't explain how they feel. Merry is lucky to have such caring humans.