Saturday, March 21, 2009

Holy Horse Crap, Batman!

Today, Kiwi informed me she simply loves horses. Okay, it'll never be as deep as my own love for them, I realize that - but of course I hopped right on that wagon, and decided this would be a great summer to sign her up for horse camp! So, I got online and checked out some in the general area in which we will be living by then.... You gotta understand, I have sent her to summer camp the last couple of years, at a Church Camp up in the beautiful Sawtooth Mountains north of us....and she took the Horse Option, which gave them a couple trail rides during the week she was there - so, not full-on equestrian camp, but still.... the cost of the week is under $200.00. So you can imagine the jaw dropping that happened when I saw the prices of horse camp out East..... $980.00, $1000.00 - for a stinkin' week of horseplay!! Geez, for that price, I'm sending myself and Kiwi can stay home and do the housekeeping!

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