Saturday, March 14, 2009

Still cleaning.... is there no end to our stuff???

Today I almost found the upstairs closet! Trust me, this is a big deal.... see, we have sort of a strange arrangement in this house - upstairs, we have a bonus room, half bath, and a huge closet of shelves. Most folks would use this area as a family room, but we've used it as Kiwi's space - bedroom, playroom, part-time schoolroom; the works. The closet won't hold clothes (so hers are downstairs in the office - like I said, it's weird) and the upstairs closet holds craft items, games, and toys. I haven't checked on the closet in awhile - quite awhile - and as I've long suspected (and feared) when Kiwi didn't want to deal with something, she just hucked it in that closet. Yeah, you can just imagine how that looked! I've had the Christmas wrapping paper on the floor in my bedroom since - well, Christmas - because I couldn't get into the closet up there to put the stuff away! So it was time. I finally called it quits at just after 6pm, but I think we can get stuff mostly put away now... and that means the rest of her space is looking pretty great, because there is somewhere for all of the mess to be stored! Yay us!!

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