Friday, February 5, 2010

Yep, we're getting some snow!!

I think they might be right... we have at least 8" and the biggest part of the storm is supposedly yet to come. I blame me - I was bummed that we were in Idaho for Christmas when the last big snowstorm hit, so I guess this was all for me, lol.

Took the dog out for her "final" nighttime walk a little early tonight, and it was nearly to my knees in places... tomorrow should be interesting if this keeps up.

I've been giggling at cars who can't make it up the little hill to the apt. complex (cause I'm mean that way) Alan on the other hand went and helped one guy make it in... he's a better man than me, I guess!

I'll post some pics tomorrow....


  1. Can't wait to see the pics of the big snowstorm! Love a weather event!!

    My husband and I came to your blog last night and looked around your archives a bit. My 13 year old daughter wants to move away from Montana to Virginia one day.

    We lived in New Orleans until 5 years ago and know all about the flat lands and HUMIDITY!!

    Loved how you described Montana as being what the west should look like. I truly love this place!

    I subscribed to your blog and would love it if you would subsribe to mine.


  2. How are you liking this crazy weather? More snow to come - they are predicting 3-6 " for Tuesday-Wednesday :P
    I sure hope I get the chance to restock my bread, milk,& cheese in between!