Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An interesting day...?!

First we had this......

Which was caused by this....

Kinda like TV for pets, eh?


  1. Your dog and cat look so calm watching the squirrel! My Raider, the Golden, would be making toothpicks out of that trellis to get to the squirrel!!

    Poor puppy paws! You're right! Who knew that "ice melt" would burn a dog's feet?!!

    I have some musher dog booties I can send you! Raider didn't like them for Quartzsite, where the rocks are lava and can work havoc on their pads. He was stubborn, wouldn't walk very far in his musher booties!!! His feet could fit in them fine! He didn't want to look weird around the other dogs I think! LOL

  2. Kathy - I was thinking about getting her some booties! Hey, is that Quartzsite, AZ? I had an amazing weekend there back in high school...lol!!