Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowmaggeddon?? Lol

Yeah, that is actually what they are calling it around here. Which I find hilarious... I mean, yeah, it's a whole lot of snow in one storm, a lot in an area that isn't used to it, I guess... but sheesh! This would be a typical winter in so many places that it seems silly that folks are freaking out about it. As one woman said when she was interviewed "It's just snow - it's not like it's attacking us." I suppose for us, living in an apartment, it's not such a big deal since I haven't got sheds to worry about caving in, or animals that need to get out of the weather, or a long drive to shovel out or whatever... but, still.

Yet, I suppose you know it is pretty bad when the snowplow gets stuck... he's trying to dig it out here...

Here is a pic of Merry dog enjoying the freedom of a snowed-in parking lot. (the lumps on either side are cars)

Here's my family enjoying the snowfall - the big pile just to their right is our car!

Checking out the sledding hill.... we made dad do it first!

The path after it'd been plowed

Tennis, anyone?!

We thought this one looked like a hippo face! Can you see it?

Hmmm, bummer....

Look how beautiful it was the next day!! Gorgeous! Makes a person happy to be alive.

Hope the weather where you live is pretty too!


  1. Ha, ha! Great pics Ann! I'm kinda jealous. It's been so mild around here this winter! Love those blue skies!


  2. I think my hubby would say all the snow has been a pretty big deal - it took him 2 full days to dig out our driveway, with a snow blower. Last year we didn't even have to use our shovel once. this year we've has an 18" storm, a 33" storm, and now the forecast is calling for an additional 12-16". I'm telling you, this is nuts! I feel like we're living back in MN. We just received word that school has been canceled for the remainder of the week, which makes it a total of 6 canceled school days in a row. Oh, and church has been canceled for the last 2 Sundays. Virginia just isn't equipped to deal with this much snow fall.

    On the other hand, it's good baking weather!


  3. Well, it did take us 4 hours to dig our car out! I feel bad for the parents who are supposed to go to work and have kids out of school... but I don't mind just hanging out at home.

  4. Thank you for the beautiful snowy pics!
    I can enjoy them vicariously here in Arizona!

  5. Hi Ann!
    I accidentally stumbled upon your blog and was reading away when I realized that the description and cast of characters seemes strangely familiar. I too have started a new blog. Come see who this is (you will know by my cast of characters and my description)and leave me a message! Give Kiki - I mean Kiwi a hug for me!

  6. LOL....almost what we look like here too!!!