Monday, February 1, 2010

Huh! Who knew?? A post about "ice melt"

So, the other day it snowed again. Which is weird, because it's been in the 50's and really lovely weather... been feeling like Spring. The snow from the Christmastime Blizzard was almost gone - and then it does it again. Well, not blizzards, but snows, about 6 inches or so.

So we are taking the dog for a walk when she starts limping. I look at her paw and don't see anything, put it down, she is still limping. Then I notice it seems to be both front feet - no, all of her feet... what the....?? She is walking as tho she is trying to walk on the sides of her paws, they are all curled in and...well, weird. My mind is racing, trying to think what could possibly be wrong, when Scooter says "hey, walk her on the snow". So I do, and then she's fine. He'd realized that the ice melt stuff that the apt. complex had put down on the sidewalk was burning her paw pads!! Poor girlie! It's true, the moment we were off that part of the sidewalk, she was fine. Thank goodness, it didn't do any damage, just hurt at the time. I would never have thought of that - I mean, when there is a need for ice melt on the ground, I'm generally not walking barefoot, y' know? So who'da thunk it?

Now you know.

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