Friday, May 1, 2009

Buying myself gifts

So, in celebration of my 25th wedding anniversary, it being the 'silver' one and all, I bought myself a gift... a beautiful sterling silver ring with cubic zirconia in it. See, I've gained alot of weight in the last few years, and my wedding ring doesn't fit. I've been told "have it resized" but that feels like 'giving up', as if I'll never lose the fat. Instead, I opted to buy myself a new ring, for the meanwhile. It's reeeeal And sparkly. ooooooh. 'Cause I love me. I told Scooter "send me the $20 I spent and I'll tell everyone you bought it for me" hahahaha!!!
(The cat likes the ring as well, you can see...)

The realtor came over two days ago, and we are getting it listed as we speak. Or, as I type. Anyway, it's getting done. Sigh. The work ain't over yet, tho, is it??! Now I have to work on the garage. The mere thought makes my head throb.

Merry dog is healing nicely, it would seem. That's the bright light in my otherwise muted existance right now.


  1. Oh Ann. I hope you are doing okay. I totally get the Crying Thing. I give myself a treat every now and then, a few comedy DVDs have been great. So I think your new shiny ring is probably just the thing at the moment!

  2. Beautiful ring...happy 25th!
    Praying things go smoothly as you get your house listed and prepare to move.