Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another day another problem

I don't know... this deal just gets crazier (at least, more annoying) by the day! My husband called today, and we have to decide by tomorrow if we want to keep our reserve on a 2 bdrm apt. in the complex he is in. He is currently in a tiny 1 bdrm., which I really would hate to live in with the three of us plus the cat and the dog. I went a bit stir crazy just over the weekend we visited him there! However..... when he moved in, they were rather low on renters and were having pretty good deals, so his rent isn't too bad. We expected higher rent for the 2 bdrm., obviously, but not a ridiculous sum! Well, now that it's nearly summer - and therefore aparently everybody and his brother is moving into a new apt. (why???) the rates have skyrocketed! In fact, just since last week when he looked at an available apt., the price of that one has gone up $100./month! No freakin' way! Then, he went to ask some questions about it yesterday, then again today to reserve it, and it went up $10.00 since yesterday! (to give you an idea, the rent there for a 2 bed, under 1000 sq. ft. apt. will be more than our mortgage payment on our 3 bdrm + bonus room 1900 sq. ft. house with a nice yard!! plus the $300 month for a storage unit 'cause the apt. is just too dang small!) Then here is the kicker - as if that's all not bad enough - when he moved in, he had to sign a 14-month lease. He supposedly talked to the mgmt. about continuing that particular lease when we upgraded to a 2 bedroom... now they are saying they can't do that. (In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion he assumed they'd do that and didn't really ask like he was supposed to) So, our choices are to: 1) stay in his tiny 1 bdrm for 9 months or: 2)rent the bigger apt. and be stuck there for 14 months. I hate both options. I am not an apartment dweller!! I want a yard, and lots of closets, and a yard, places to plant stuff.....and a yard.... the only reason we went with an apt. was because we know jack-diddly-squat about the area and wanted to be close to his job until we decided where to live. Now I feel like we are stuck in a horrible spot. Urgh. I halfway don't even want to go anymore. Can't he just commute?? Can't someone give him a job right HERE??


  1. Ouch- Speaking for all of Virginia - "I apologize!" I am wondering about the area/ apartment building where he is- this constant raising of rates sounds ...fishy?" I know that renting is up, but$10- in one day? I assume he is looking around the neighboring areas to compare prices. I know that you can rent a three bedroom Townhouse in Manassas for about $1400.

  2. You know, Alex, I assume he is as well...but you know what happens when we assume! lol. I wonder, somedays!