Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weird advice and too much stress

So, on the "moving front", we are scheduled to pull out of Idaho in 4 weeks, heading off to Virginia. Wow, seemed like it was *forever and ever* away, and now I am suddenly having panic attacks because I "ONLY" have 4 weeks left, and so much to do! I've been trying to avoid going into the garage, because that's what I need to tackle next... and it seems like one more insurmountable mountain. ~full body shiver~ We are seriously considering paying someone to pack the house up... mostly, because I just "don't wanna"! Well, and it will take them, like, one day, as opposed to me starting now and hoping I get it done on time! It's enough that I have to load up all the crap - I mean lovely stuff - onto the moving truck.....

We've had lots of people looking at the house (good, but what a pain!) and we almost had an offer - it was all signed and in their realtor's hand, but then the buyers got scared and changed their mind... and, really, "almost had an offer" is as good as not getting one at all, so, poop. The nice thing is all the realtors who've been thru say our home shows really well, so at least they aren't saying stuff like "seriously, that house'll never sell" so, there may be hope, at least. I am already sick of keeping it spotlessly clean. Altho, I kind of enjoy spotlessly clean.... hmmm.... who knew??!

Now, here's the Weird Advice... our realtors (who are good people; I've known them several years, so I don't think they're being flaky or dishonest here) they are telling us - well, telling us that they can't really tell us but - we should quit paying our house payment. Seriously?? Seriously. "Cause here's the deal - home prices have dropped so low in our area that there is no possible way to sell our house for what we owe. Not that we 'overbought' or anything, we were very reasonable when we bought this place. It's just - life today. Every single comp is either a foreclosure or a 'short sale' so there is no way - even if someone wanted to buy the house enough to pay full price - well, it wouldn't appraise out. So, we're stuck. But, the bank will generally accept a short sale only if the homeowner is obviously in distress (ie: behind on payments) which, we aren't. So, they are saying, well, once you move (next month) you'll have to pay rent there plus this house, will you be able to (not if we want to, oh, I don't know, eat) so, if it doesn't sell, do you want to long-term long-distance rent it (NO! Been there, done that) so, what does that leave you? Foreclosure? So, if that's where you're headed, why throw money away? Quit paying now, the bank may then accept your short sale, and maybe it will be sold before it forecloses, so that's your choice, really, or throw money into a pit......
Wow. Telling me to just quit paying my house payment seems like telling me to, I don't know, start shop lifting or something! You know, it's wrong and mom taught me not to! But, in a month, we'll be living in Virginia, and we honestly can't pay the rent and the mortgage here.... I don't know. I just don't know. It's....Weird.

Well. On to other things! Only two more weeks of school!! YAY!! I was mentally done, like, last month. We may yet make it through....

The dog is doing well. I worry about her daily, but she seems to be progressing. Not sure how long until I can breathe easier.... this Weds. will be her 8 week post-surgery mark.

One Reason I am Crazy

Yesterday marked the 5 year anniversary of my little sister passing away. I can't believe it's been that long. Honestly, I had been trying to decide if it'd been 3 years, or only 2.... then my mom was talking about it.... 5 years. It's really been messing with my head. And I've been crying alot the last couple days. They always say "Time Heals All Wounds" but no one ever explained how slowly time can move......


  1. Wow, How unfair !, You have to make/ keep the house spotless, knowing that it will never appraise for more than what you owe on it? - I don't think that I could do it! We came "that close" to selling our house last spring- also offer in hand, but then they wanted to close almost immediately (not even giving us 2 weeks to find house of choice)- with 5 kids and 2 dogs that just wasn't going to happen! Then like you foreclosures started popping up for us to compete against....
    Well, speaking for Virginia.... we look forward to your arrival :-)

  2. The advice you have been given sounds like bad advice and I would get more than one opinion, and from people in the know, before abandoning
    your responsibility to pay for your home. For example, abandoning it might give you very serious problems with your credit in your new home in Virginia. May be the person who gave you the advice is looking to get your place for a song once its back in the bank's hands. I don't trust anyone these days!! Wishing you luck with all that's on your plate.
    Seems everyone is suffering these problems these days. This to shall pass.......

  3. CC- I can understand why you'd think that, but I've known our realtors (as friends, not as realtors) for several years - they are good people. The housing market here is just - awful. We are checking into options, but things aren't looking good. Time will tell, I guess.