Monday, April 27, 2009

A Better Day - or two!

This has been a GOOD weekend! My husband is home for a visit (which sounds wierd, I know!) but that's how it is. Anyway, it's awesome to have him here! ' Cause he changed the light bulbs way up high in the kitchen ceiling where I can't reach. And helped me get the big ol' 100lb. dog to the vet (well, wait - she's only 97lbs. now...doing good!) It is also our 25 year wedding anniversary, so YAY US!! Anyhow, it's been a sweet time.

Another good thing is, the house is going to be put on the market this week! I got it all 'tidied', and I have housecleaners coming in the morning to get it sparkling. (I decided I was sick to death of the household chores, so I'm paying someone else to do it this time around - it'll be so totally faster than if I did it myself, not to mention - I don't wanna!!)

The next good news is that we took Merry to the vet, because I was freaking out, again, about the leg. She's got this funky bump just on the outside of her leg, and her suture site is looking a bit red and puffy... since she fell last week, I was all stressed out. Well, the bump is where she is building up a callous on the inside from where the permanent sutures are tied in a knot and aparently irritating her skin in there, and a little seroma has built up. That should clear up on it's own, but if not the vet can drain it. The problem with the suture site is that instead of absorbing the 'absorbable' sutures, my dog's body is, instead, trying to reject them. So, it's built up a little 'wall' around it, and getting red and possibly a little pus - trying to shove those sutures out of the skin, the way you would a splinter. So, while not "ideal", not a huge problem. Just gotta keep an eye on it. Oh, but I said this was good news, didn't I? Yeah, because the surgery itself seems to be doing well.... the vet tried to push the knee to do the 'drawer' thingie, and he said there isn't even "micro-movement", which means the knee is good and tight and the permanent sutures are holding like they should, and she's building back the muscle tone, so - so far, so good. We still have a long way to go before we can say we've really made it, but it's good news at this point. And! She's lost 3 pounds, which is a good start. She probably ought to get down about 15 lbs....

Well, that's my GOOD weekend! Hope you all had some of that, yourself.


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  2. 2nd try- I guess my brain wasn't quite working yet. That will teach me to comment before I finish my coffee!

    Happy Anniversary! 25 years is quite the milestone ("silver" isn't it?). I hope you did something more exciting than replacing lightbulbs (jk :-). I'm glad that the news on Merry is good- though it sounds like she is determined not to let you get bored :-)
    Have a great week.

  3. Hi Ann, I was re-reading comments and found a really great one from you. Thanks! I have re-posted it on my blog if that's okay, just to illustrate the crazy things that Packers can do to a poor person who is moving house. Good to see your dawg is on the mend and that I'm not the only person who doesn't like getting out of bed in the morning, but who has to do it every day.