Friday, May 8, 2009

My "Murphy's Law" life

So my house is finally on the market. And people want to look at it. That's a good thing, I know... but it's only been two days and I am SICK of keeping the house spotless. Not to mention the whole dog dilemma, how she can't be left in the back yard or put in the car like I'd originally planned... she has to be crated in the garage, and I hate that. But today, just to top it off - I had two realtors wanting to bring people to see the house, (one called at 8am... seriously?? is she insane??) so, of course we have to leave the house.... and my daughter has the flu. No joke. What a life I am having!


  1. None of that sounds like much fun - but at least you are getting traffic. We listed for sale by owner and had a buyer in fifteen minutes, so we missed out on the fun of entertaining strangers and locking up the dogs :)

  2. Awww, I hope your little "Kiwi" is feeling better soon. We had our house on the market last spring/summer, more times than I can count we had a realtor call to say "we are right outside your house" usually just as I had put the baby in the bathtub.
    Good Luck- it will get better!