Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh, and I just have to say...., at work, was the weirdest. I was exhausted beyond belief. I could barely stand up. Seriously. Now, I'm always exhausted in the mornings; I am sooo not a morning person. But this was beyond. Like a fog was on me or something. So, I'm having trouble pulling the espresso shots - that is to say, they just weren't tasting good. Quite bitter. I'd done all the typical adjustments, to no avail. So it might have just I dunno. So I make this drink for a gal, and I'm like "if those shots are bitter, I will re-make it for you; I'm just having trouble this morning. She tastes it, and says "Well, the shots taste fine, but the milk is kind of cold." Which is weird, because I always steam to 160 degrees because I despise room temp lattes, so I look at the thermometer in the pitcher.... then I pick the pitcher up.... then I lay my hand against the pitcher.... it's not just kind of cold, it's absolutely chilly! I hadn't even steamed it, at all! I'd made her drink using the milk straight out of the fridge! Holey criminy.... I need to sleep, for at least 3 days straight......

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