Sunday, January 11, 2009

So many shades of wrong

So, my husband is out of town. We all miss him, of course... but the cat seems particularly mopey. Or, he's ripping around the house like something's chasing him.... and it's not the dog. (I keep trying to get the dog to chase him, but no go.) Tonite, the Big Guy calls me, and I tell him the cat misses him. (Why this is the case I don't know - the Little Gal and I do all the caring for the stinky cat, but he loves the Big Guy) My hubby says "put him on the phone." (wrong shade #1.) So, I do (#2) On hearing BG's voice, the cat, who's been laying down, sits bolt upright and starts rubbing his head on the phone. OH!! ARE YOU SERIOUS??!

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