Saturday, January 17, 2009

Every now and then...

...I surprise even myself. My nephew and his fiance wanted to come by today and pick up some furniture and stuff that I am getting rid of. (This move has been a good reason to do some household purging!) The problem is the mess my home is in. And I was out all day, running errands (that should've only taken a few hours, but such is the crazy which is my life.) As I was heading home - finally - I was thinking how they wouldn't even be able to get in the front door, much less take out any furniture. I am so not exaggerating - I wish I was. Well, I just started in the minute I walked into the house, and they didn't come for about 45 minutes.... my nephew came in and said "it doesn't look so bad in here" (so my sister must have told him I was in a panic about it!) I just laughed and told him that's because I'd been cleaning since she called!! Bummer thing is that they had to go upstairs, which is my daughter's domain ..... I gave them an antique armoire to put their TV in, Little Gal's been using it as a Barbie house.... and her space is Complete Chaos. The redeeming thing in all this is that my sister (nephew's mom) is just like me. Artsy-fartsy, mega-messy. So they weren't shocked.

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