Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I've been tagged! 5th folder, 5th photo

Cool! My first tag on blogger! So, here's the deal.... I am supposed to open a file, open the fifth folder in it, then the fifth picture within that, post the pic and describe it. So, here you go....

I homeschool my daughter. Last year, 4th grade, we studied our State History and part of that was the Lewis and Clark Expedition. This photo was taken during a field trip to the History Museum.

I am also supposed to tag 5 other people - but, being new here, I really don't know how to include a link to a name in this post - a little help, anyone?


  1. What is a tag? I know very little about blogging, pings, feeds.

    It seems you have a very smart daughter - maybe she knows.

  2. Ann, type the name, hilite it, then at the top of your new post box is an icon-2chain links on top of a globe. tap that and a box will pop up in which you can then enter the http;//"blog address here". once that blog address is correctly entered, hit ok and you should have a link in the text of your post. Clear as mud, right???? Good luck.