Friday, January 30, 2009

Movies and Moving

Well, the movie was fine. Cute, entertaining; nothing to write home about. As the Girl put it, "it's not a 'buy' movie, mom." (Y'know, to add to the video collection.)
About moving.... we - my little family of three - is getting ready to move... from Idaho to Virginia. In fact, my husband is already there, with a new job. Which is great, since he'd been out of work for months. A job is good. But, it's lonely here without him. And I have a boat-load of work to do to get myself and the Girl moved out there alongside him! (How did he manage to leave and get out of all the work? Pretty sneaky....)
Today, the cat 'helped'.... 'cause it's what he does.

I have soooo much work to do! But as you can see, it has begun. That paper is freakin' expensive.... I need to find a new source. But, the china hutch is empty now.... and the coat closet - it looks fabulous! Check it out....
You might not believe this, but earlier today, not only could you not see the floor in there, you could barely shove the door closed. That shelf was were we hucked stuff and hoped it didn't fall before you got the door shut. The two green baskets - one on the floor, one on the shelf - those now hold everything that was once all over the bottom of the closet. Nothing even got taken out! Organization rocks! The top basket is gloves, mittens, and winter hats....the bottom one is tennis rackets, baseball gloves, baseballs, frisbies, badminton rackets and birdies, rollerblading safety gear, snowboarding helmet and goggles, and a few sundry items... honestly, I can't believe it's all in that little crate! It proves what I've told my husband all along - get me enough cute little storage containers, and our house will never be messy again!! Ha!

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