Friday, September 24, 2010

What do you do with an unhappy cat?

We have this cat.... we've had him since he was a kitten, and he's 3 years old. He is a housecat, as I thought that was the thing you are supposed to do. Right?? In reality, I prefer indoor/outdoor cats - I mean, I think a cat should be a cat... but on the other hand, I don't want one to get flattened in the road or something.

So here is the problem. He is desperate to be outside. He's been like that his whole life, altho in the beginning he was content to just go out on the patio and lie in the sun while we were out with him. Then one day he sprinted across the lawn, climbed the fence and started across the green space in our neighborhood. We ran outside and scooped him up fast. After that, we didn't let him out anymore, but he's tried to get out whenever he can. When we moved from there to the apartment, we thought we were safe - we had a 2nd floor balcony so we'd let him out there and for awhile, he was content. Then one day, after we'd lived there nearly a year, he bailed - seriously - he jumped off the balcony and we didn't find him 'til 8 hours later!! Even then, he didn't seem to be on his way home... he was on someone else's ground-floor patio, just snooping around. After that, we didn't let him out on the balcony anymore. I had to block the doorway with my purse whenever coming home, because he'd try to shoot out the door and down the stairs.

Well, now we've moved again, and we are staying for awhile at my parent's house. I thought (wrongly, it seems) that he'd be happy since their house is waaay bigger than our apartment, with lots of new places to check out. Nope. He seems even more desperate than ever to get outside. He has gotten out accidentally a couple times (too many people and too many doors here) and he doesn't just wander out to check it out - no, he streaks across the lawn, heading across the street or into a neighbor's yard!!

We are trying really, really hard to make sure he doesn't make it outside. I'm pretty sure he has no clue how to survive out there, with cars and dogs and such. But, he's so miserable! He yowls at the door, he yowls out the window at night while we try to sleep..... he's pretty annoying, too.

Any ideas on how we can keep him happy and safe inside?


  1. He has been neutered right?
    If not, that would help tremendously. He does seem to have wanderlust. Since he likes being outside. Maybe you could get a harness (not a collar) for him so that you can take him for walks. Madi and Mom

  2. Having him or her fixed will help some. I have two cats, one male and one female, they are both fixed and they are indoor and outdoor cats, outdoor in the good weather and indoor in the snow weather. You can try the grass that you can grow inside, give him a place sit by a window and plenty of toys. But having cats all my life, I know that they are a outdoor type animal, they love to hunt. Maybe you can also try the little treats you put into a toy and hide it somewhere, anything to keep them busy hunting. I believe cats should be let out when they want to go and explore. But good luck.

  3. And he got out again! Stupid thing...