Monday, September 6, 2010

Overcoming lameness (and no, I don't mean I have a limp)

So I've been a total slacker on this whole blog thing. Which needs to end, eh? So I'm revamping what I'll write about, hope I can continue to sneak onto my daughter's laptop (a stinkin' middleschooler has a laptop and I don't?? Yeah, grandma loves her more...) and I don't know, see if I can collect a thought or two each day.

Today's thought: School starts tomorrow. For most moms, that's probably cause for celebration - but when you're a homeschooler, it means my work begins. I am sooo not ready. Too bad for me, huh? 7th grade.... wow. They grow up so fast. Since we just moved back across the country (Virginia to Idaho.... again) two weeks ago, I'm not really organized for school yet. And don't have the space here to really be. But I can work with it. We were asked to re-join the school board! Nice to be loved. ;-)

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