Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Raining, it's not pouring

It feels completely fall-like today. Which is good. Fall is my favourite season. Oh, look, I spelled that like I'm British or something. Everyone here is annoyed because they really didn't have a summer. I guess there were only a few hot days this year. But, having myself just moved from Virginia where it was disgustingly hot and humid, I am as happy as can be!

Next door, the neighbor's cat is asleep on their roof. In the rain. Which seems pretty strange to me. At least it is only drizzling.

Well, we haven't finished our lessons today, so back to school I must go.

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  1. Ann how good to hear from are back home!! I can 100% understand you desire to return home....there is nothing like being near people and things you love. And quite frankly adjusting to the 3 H's of the south is nearly impossible even for a native. Thank you for your kind wishes for our sweet Harley.
    Madi and I will will check in with you to see what is going on now that you are home.
    Madi and Mom