Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rain rain rain.....!!

My gosh! It is very wet and pretty dang chilly today! We need to get some wood for the fireplace (yeah, our apt. has a woodburning fireplace! How suhweet is that?!!) The not-sweet deal is having to take the dog out on her leash her business. I swear I'm gonna make a doggy-litter-box out on our balcony for the winter! (Watch me!) Because it's only gonna get wetter and colder, I'd imagine...

Currently girlie-dog is laying on her mat intently watching out the patio door - squirrel patrol, you know. The one thing that makes her crazy, and this apt. complex is loaded with them! Because of walking her, I have tedonitis in both elbows! I'm so not kidding. She never learned to properly walk on a leash. I tried, honest... I think it's her puppy brain damage, the poor dear. It's just one of those things she doesn't "get". Good thing she's so dang sweet :)


  1. Maybe you should hook her up to a bungee cord instead of a leash.
    That could actually be fun! To watch, I mean!

  2. Have you looked into Dog Litter boxes? They really do make them! Here are 2 links:
    You could put them out on the balcony and save your wrists!

  3. Dog Litter boxes! And I thought I was nuts to have thought up the idea, lol!! I am going to check 'em out....