Monday, October 19, 2009

Deer and Cream Puffs

Today, Kiwi and I took the dog for a walk into town (For mochas, of course! What else could inspire me to walk so far?!) On the way there, we saw a groundhog ("cream puff" in Kiwi-eese - we didn't know what they were when we first moved here, so that's what she called them). On our way home, we passed two deer, right on the edge of the wood - like, maybe 30 feet from us! A mama and a young one... the little one just snacked, while the mama watched us closely, but didn't move - even tho I had the dog! Guess it didn't bother her. We stood there for about 5 minutes, until a large truck rumbled past and she trotted off into the trees. It was soooo cool! See, in Idaho, we have lots and lots of wilderness, so the wild animals don't hang out right in the midst of town.... we aren't used to seeing them if we aren't out camping somewhere.


  1. Yup, happiness isn't a destination to arrive at (well, maybe it is if they have mochas) it's the journey.
    Have a Great (or as we greyhoundies say "Greyt") Day!

  2. Those mochas will be the death of me - wish I had to walk into town to get one. Might cancel SOME of the calories.
    Do you have a camera? Love to see deer pics.... but then, those things don't happen as much when you have a camera with, huh?

  3. Huh... my camera. Never thought about taking it on a walk to town, but you're right! I'm used to only seeing houses and such, but I'll have to try it, lol!!