Friday, October 9, 2009

I think I'm better now

Alright, I think I'm over...well, whatever it was. I feel way better.

Maybe it was the memory of my late sister's birthday coming up earlier this week... or the changing weather affected me. Or it's just the stress of moving still getting to me... who knows.

The house (well, apt.) is tidier, supposedly the pest control co. is coming to spray the complex and I have to let them spray inside my home, so I had to clean a bit... one huge downside to renting - I hate the fact they are going to spray bug-icide indoors! We always just used the stuff all around the exterior perimeter, then the bugs never came inside. I don't really want it in here, but it's not my choice.

I made "Dinner-in-a-Pumpkin" last nite - yummmm. I love this as a fall meal. Okay, sure, it was after 8pm when we ate (I didn't plan so well) but it was good, anyhow. I even baked gingerbread for dessert.

See where the cat hangs out when I sit at the computer?

The squirrels are running on the roof, driving the cat a little loopy.... he can't figure out how to get up on the ceiling, and it bothers him! (He's not allowed on the table - don't tell Scooter!) Oh, and yeah, I said the apt. was tidied, not "done and decorated" you can see by my empty bookcase.

And here is the wonderhorse, all-time-fave stuffie of Kiwi, all dressed up to go "colonial". Too bad we don't have a trip to Williamsburg planned anytime soon.... hopefully in the near future, though....

All that worry and hanging around the house - do you know what that pest guy did?? He came in, put something under the sink, and left. That was it. OH, brother.
(the something was roach bait... and no, we haven't got roaches. guess it works)


  1. Ann,I'm glad you are feeling better! And that they didn't spray bug spray all over your apartment!!
    Poor Kitty with those darn squirrels driving him crazy! My Raider, the Golden, can really feel for your cat, they used to terrorize him, too!
    Dinner in a pumpkin sounds intriquing!
    Take care!

  2. Dinner in a pumpkin is new to me too. More details, please.
    No spray, no bugs, win-win! I have a paranoia about pesticides in the house too.
    We are all battling colds over here, I guess it is the change in weather, (30 degrees in the morning 80 in the afternoon). Glad to hear you are you are feeling better.