Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School is in session!

So, Kiwi and I started school today. We had what you might call a "soft start", lol! See, I haven't had any money to order her curriculum, so we just started with what we had... we did our devotions, we did some reading (thank goodness for the library!) we went to the apartment gym to exercise - this will be a daily part of school - I gave Kiwi another lesson in 'laundry', because part of school this year is definately going to be "life lessons"! Then, because we are going to journal every day, we made journals!

The idea is to take plain old composition books and make them pretty!

You just need two pieces of scrapbooking paper ~

Here Kiwi goes for a Christmas theme ~

Cut it, glue it, fold it to size....

Fold and glue the corners, then the sides...

and there ya go! Easy peesy....

Kiwi did this one in autumn hues....

Her Christmas one ~

I just chose patterns and colors that made me happy! Here they are, quick and easy... you can embellish with ribbons, buttons, stickers, whatever.... we may just leave 'em as is.


  1. Good morning and happy start to school for you and Kiwi. What a great idea to cover the composition books. It reminds me of when I was in school (back in the Dark Ages...Kiwi Mom can teach you about that). The first thing I did when I to home with all my books was to cover them with paper grocery bags. The store name was on the inside and I could write on the covers or get my friends to write on them. good memories,
    Madi and Mom

  2. What a lovely idea to cover the composition notebooks. We have had to cover the kids' textbooks, but your idea would make their journals so much more unique (individual)!
    I LOVE the purple paper !! (It reads sparkly on my computer, does it have glitter?- glitter and I have such a love/hate relationship!)

  3. Hi Ann,
    Is the car fixed? Bummer that happened just after you got there!!
    Not to make you homesick, but we're back in your state of Idaho, one of my favorites, right next to the Montana border at Island Park, ID!
    I hope everything is going better with your new home!

  4. Oh, but you did! Lol. I like that part of the state... Island Park is pretty, pretty area.