Saturday, June 6, 2009

How NOT to move (unless, you are crazy like me!)

At least there is one family member who is blissfully happy and unaware of the crap going on around them......

First, agreeing to move - at all - is a step toward insanity. Trust me on this. In our married life, we have moved....uhm, wait, I'm counting..... I think this will be #13. Yeah. Seriously. The dude isn't even in the military!! (that doesn't even count a few stints of staying with parents in between settling someplace else...because, we didn't have to unpack there) What is that all about??! I don't know, and it's my life! I have to tell you, however, that this is the worst yet. I think because it's been sooo long in coming, and because Scooter and I have been apart for 6 months now, and worst of all - he's gotten off scott-free while I'm here going nutsy!! Yeah. That is so not right. To hear him, it's all "yeah, but you'll be done soon, and I have to work for 20 more years before I can retire" yada yada yada....whatever!! But I still have to be here packing and cleaning the garage out and making the arrangements and dealing with the kid and the pets (and the pet surgery) and ...and.... and.... well, okay, at least I don't have to work 20 more years before I retire. He's got a point. I sleep in. I like sleeping in.

The next insane thing to do is to say "yes, of course you can" when your daughter asks you if she can have her birthday party early, as in, here and now, because after all, she won't have any friends in the new town in a couple months when it's really her birthday.... because, heaven forbid she miss out on anything in this life. What were you thinking??? Right, you weren't. Typical. So, it will be 1am and you will be baking a stinkin' cake, and sewing the finishing touches on the poodle skirt (oh, because it has to be themed, of course, this time a 50's party...) because earlier today, when you should have been baking, you took her to a friend's house to go swimming, because, heaven forbid she miss out on anything in this life.... do you sense a theme?? Girl, you need to put your foot down!! She won't be permanantly scarred if you say "no"! Right? Because she still wants one last sleepover.... OH for sanity sake, say no!!
Here's the skirt - and I cheated and used cake mix (geez, they're just kids!) - and that is seriously pink... she wanted it to match her "theme", lol



  1. Wow! That is a gorgeous poodle skirt, my kids would have ended up with the cheap felt version that they sell at the party store.
    And do you mean to imply it is possible to make a cake without the box mix??

  2. I'd like a piece of that cake! :)
    I have moved 25 times now, and can feel your pain. Yet oddly enough, I would not change a thing - the experiences were so valuable. It is great to get a chance to settle down when it becomes possible!