Monday, June 29, 2009

Drinking wine out of a water glass

It's wrong, but I did it. Because I really, really needed to relax a little!! And no, I didn't FILL the glass! Thought about it..... Living in this tiny apartment is killer. It's like still being in a hotel room, but you have to do dishes and laundry. Speaking of laundry - that's what caused my "drinking problem". See, we have this laundry room - uh, laundry closet - and we put the dog's foldup crate in there.... well, I was washing clothes, the only nice stuff we have, because we were meeting Scooter's cousin for dinner... well, when I closed the door, the crate fell over, and there was no way to re-open that door! So I had a little melt-down moment.... then I used my head, hooked the dog leash to the crate, put it over the door, and pulled that sucker back into place. (I have a huge row of bruises up my arm where I had to cram it in the crack of the door.)

Now they want to take Scooter's company truck away (a company-wide decision) but that was one of the 'deal makers' in him accepting this job... no way we can afford to buy a car (and pay the gas).... dear Lord, if this means we have to stay in this apartment and not upgrade to the 2-bedroom!! Geez, I was bummed enough that we have to be in an apartment at all, but at least we could survive in the bigger one....sigh. I'm not sure I get this move at all....... trying not to panic...... 'cause next time, that water glass will be full!!


  1. Well, if you are fond of wine- Virginia is a good place to be, we have lots of wineries/ wine- tastings- lol. Any plans for July 4th?
    I will continue to pray for you- it's going to get better!

  2. " I'll actually have to check into pontoon boating for my dog, heehee."
    They do let the furless kids on the boat too.;-)
    Lake Accotink also has a carousel, playground, and SMALL mini golf course.
    I just like to find places/outings that allow the dogs to get out too.

  3. Ann honey, this is where you should start thinking about
    writing this as a novel, movie or TV script. Maybe a murder mystery... All places to put your frustration and anger and not
    hurt yourself and POSSIBLY (hey, you write well in your blog) into
    some $$$. Its a way to control some chaos, as its your plot!

    A little wine may help get you started.
    Sending good wishes.

  4. Thanks, gals! Yeah, today's a better day - even though Kiwi has been throwing up since the middle of the night - ah, the little joys of parenting!! OH, I did buy some VA wine last night! Haven't tried it yet, but thought it was the 'thing' to do!