Sunday, June 27, 2010

My dog rocks! (and so do I)

Friday I had to take Merry dog to the vet for some vaccinations. This was our first time seeing a vet here in Virginia. About a year and a half ago, Merry dog had to have knee surgery for a torn CCL (like an ACL in a human). At that time, the vet told us she needed to lose some serious weight in order to protect both the repaired knee and the other knee... I suppose for other health issues as well. So, we have really cut back on how much we feed her. Now, she is a Lab - those dogs loooove their food, and she is certainly no exception! She has gone from about 115 lbs to 73. I was actually concerned that maybe she is a little too thin, so I asked the vet about it. She said to me "Oh, gosh, your dog could be the poster child for "Perfect Weight for a Large Breed Dog". Hahaha!!! If only someone thought I was the perfect weight!! I have a lot more poundage to lose before I am as beautiful as the dog, lol. But, I too, am on my way to slender.


Looks like I need to take a more current picture....

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  1. Hi Ann, Love the photo of Merry and so glad about her weight loss as well as healthy knees. Hopefully you'll love your vet as much in Virgina as yoiu did back home. Moving makes it difficult to find new people-doctors, vets, friends etc.
    Have a great week.